Like a parent, we supposedly love all our children equally. If we had to pick a favourite, though, it might be our Fourth Estate Donors. They’re the people who’ve committed to giving the same amount every month, come rain or shine. They’re also the backbone of our funding, and it’s funding that allows us to take peaceful (and let’s face it, really cool) action towards ending a 27 year long conflict.

Right now there’s a hub-bub of phone noise in the office as our team chats to recurring donors on the phone. One of the things they’re doing is updating people’s information to make sure that if, for example, someone gets a new credit card (Target fiasco anyone?) their donation doesn’t stop coming in. We care about y’all and wouldn’t want that for you.

We don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate at Invisible Children. Still, we get so hyped on the continued support of you all that, every time one of you updates your information, we let everyone in the office know by ringing (what I’m going to call) ‘the sacred triangle’*. Applause and ruckuss ensues. We applaud because we know that the donation that’s just been updated not only represents someone who is committed to seeing an end to LRA violence, but because it will lead to real results in the conflict region. Your donations are facilitating the escape of Kony’s captives through ‘Come Home Messaging’, protecting communities through the Early Warning Radio Network, and are giving young people in Uganda the opportunity to reach their potential by providing scholarships. When this conflict comes to an end, every single one of you will be able to say you played an irreplaceable role.

Become a Fourth Estate member or Update your details today- go on, we love ringing that triangle.

*Anyone else notice that the triangle is the same shape as the Fourth Estate logo? No one’s sure if it’s intentional or just a happy coincidence, but we like it.