Thank you cards. Often boring to write, occasionally boring to receive, but usually a necessary part of human interaction.

Two years ago today we started a campaign called KONY 2012. It was an experiment to see if the world was ready to unite and speak out against the horrific and unseen crimes of Joseph Kony and the LRA. The world was.

Together, we made Kony famous and put the issue of LRA violence on the table of popular and political interest. One element of the campaign was calling on culture and policy makers to work in their sphere of influence to stand up for Kony’s child soldiers. You led our leaders to take action that resulted in tangible results. As part of our celebrations, we’ve decided to thank the politicians that gave a gift to justice through their support of KONY 2012. This is Invisible Children though, so instead of making a boring card, we put all their heads on some baked goods:

We never pass up an opportunity to celebrate, but our job isn’t finished yet: we’ve got some new advocacy initiatives that are going to play a key role in bringing justice to Kony and keeping the world committed to seeing an end to LRA violence. We’ll have more news very soon, but in the meantime email [email protected] to be added to the mailing list.