Invisible Children loves Kristen Bell, plain and simple. Between her love of sloths, her support of us, and her unending desire to stand up for what’s right, we can’t get enough of her. And in case you missed it, a little over a year ago Kristen and the crew crowdfunded a Veronica Mars feature length film through kickstarter (read as: power to the people).

Kristen Bell cares deeply about two things– the Veronica Mars movie and changing the world. So starting today, in honor of the Veronica Mars movie premiere, we’ll be supporting both of those things.  The limited edition “I love KB” tee shirt (re-released from Kristen’s platonic date campaign) will be available for purchase through March 24th. The shirt is only $20 #whatadeal.

So, here’s the hookup. To purchase the limited edition I love KB tee shirt, with all proceeds going towards Invisible Children, go to Buy it. Wear it. Love it. And while you’re at it, go see the new Veronica Mars movie in theaters today.

Invisible Children started as a promise from its founders to a young boy in Uganda that they would do everything in their power to stop Joseph Kony and his army from abducting children and terrorizing an entire region. The organization has been close to my heart since I saw their first film and it’s an honor to have become a part of this story that is saving lives and defining a generation. I hope you join us.-Kristen Bell