We’ve been telling you all about the amazing artists we’re partnering with for the #MusicianCoalition. But today, for the first time, we’re giving you an exclusive listen to one of their new tracks.

The talented Alex Vargas explains his involvement with this collaboration and the story behind his latest song, Solid Ground. It’s worth a listen:

This is the first preview from a compilation of unreleased tracks recorded by seven brilliant artists at SXSW 2014. Want to hear them all? DONATE via Rallysong, and at the end of the campaign you can get access to all these beautiful tracks, recorded just for this project and heard by no one else.

The bigger picture:

By contributing, not only do you get to listen to some awesome artists do great things that no one else can listen to because they haven’t donated (you get the idea), you can also know that your money will be supporting life-saving programs in central Africa. Does it get better than that?

Every dollar goes directly to support the expansion and sustainment of our Early Warning Network in central Africa. This lifesaving radio network empowers communities to communicate with one another and report LRA sightings and attacks. This enables an invaluable network of protection. The reports are also imputed to the LRA Crisis Tracker, which is used by several important organizations (not just us) to keep a watch on LRA movements and the communities affected.

So have a listen (or a few) to Alex’s beautiful voice, donate whatever you can to unlock the full compilation, and ultimately help end a war.