Our friends who brought us the hit single Ocean Avenue just released a powerful music video that’s all about the LRA. That’s right, we’ve teamed up with Yellowcard. This video accompanies their new track, “One Bedroom.” We think it’s pretty incredible. Watch for yourself:

If this inspired you, we need you to take action.

This project is more than a compelling story – it’s part of a fundraising campaign that supports our life-saving programs to bring LRA abductees home. Yellowcard has proudly joined our Musician Coalition to raise funds and awareness for our defection flier program (as if we didn’t love these guys enough already).

The video depicts the painful reality of LRA abductions and the importance of our mission to reunite all LRA members with their friends, families and loved ones. It also shows how “Come Home” fliers bring hope to those wishing to leave the LRA. These fliers tell the stories of others who have escaped and direct them to safe locations where they can surrender.

So far, we have distributed 1.4 million fliers in 5 languages – and our efforts are working. 89% of escapees state that “Come Home” messaging was influential in their decision to defect.

You can be part of the solution.

DONATE what you can to Yellowcard’s fundraising page.

Every dollar you donate pays for one flier to be produced, and it automatically enters your name into the competition to win a personal thank you video from Ryan Key, Yellowcard’s lead singer.

Thank you, Yellowcard, for not only releasing some more musical genius into the world, but for choosing to utilize your talents to support our mission and our programs. We are so grateful for your support.

Donate Now. Save a life.