Telling your organization’s story well is key.

In the last ten years, we’ve learned a thing or two about creating a movement. We produced and launched the most viral video of all time, passed two bills through Congress, inspired and mobilized a generation, and made a large impact running primarily off of $20 donations from high school and college-aged kids. Now, we’re telling you everything we know.

We’re incredibly excited to launch our Invisible Children Playbook Workshop – a conference designed to help organizations build their own movements by telling their story well.

Watch the 2-minute trailer:

Whether you represent a cause, a brand, or a social enterprise, you will leave the Playbook Workshop better equipped to tell your brand’s story AND connect that story to products, events, social media, advocacy and recruitment. We will break down all the ways in which Invisible Children has done this successfully (and unsuccessfully) over the last ten years. Our goal is to help you steal these ideas and mold them to fit whatever movement you’re building.


We’d love to have you there. The deadline to apply for our November Playbook Workshop is next Wednesday (Oct. 22).