The only people who change the world are the ones who have the conviction to jump first, fear later.


What do you desire?

Ignore the logistics for a minute. If you had no limitations, how would you most enjoy to spend your time? Or here’s another question: When do you feel most freely and effortlessly yourself?


Jump first, fear later

If you live by the belief that every life matters and is worth protecting, you won’t fit in. You’ll have to take an enormous risk or two. We believe that leaps of faith are an essential part of a life worth living.

You take it from here

If you believe in living courageously, wear the message and share your story. Our newest products are made for people who are driven by possibility instead of fear. When you wear the message, 100% of your purchase supports our mission to end LRA violence in central Africa.

These products are in limited supply, so order one today or give one to someone you know who lives boldly, compassionately and fearlessly.