Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Over the past ten years, you and millions of others – from California to the Central African Republic – have stood together and demanded justice for Joseph Kony’s crimes and peace for the communities he has terrorized.

By raising our voices together, we’ve moved world leaders to take unprecedented action to end the LRA crisis, and the LRA is weaker than ever before.

So can we go ahead and declare a victory? Absolutely not. Kony remains at large, women and children continue to be held hostage, and even the smaller, weaker LRA of today continues to terrorize communities with violence. In fact, LRA attacks and abductions have significantly increased over the past year.

Despite that, inside Washington, some politicians want to call this mission a success and quietly wrap things up. They’ve stopped believing that justice is possible and they think you have, too.

We all committed to stop at nothing, no matter how long it would take. We won’t settle for “good enough,” because we know that giving up before the job is done gives Kony the opportunity he has been waiting for. The opportunity to rebuild his army and launch new waves of violence against families in central Africa.

From day one, we’ve all known that success is nothing short of Kony arrested, his child soldiers finally back home, and communities in central Africa rebuilding their lives, free from LRA violence. We joined together and raised our voices because we believed justice can and must be realized. We’re not quitting until it is, and we’re not letting our leaders quit either.

Friends, welcome to your mission:

Right now, there’s a bipartisan resolution in Congress (which we’ve creatively named the LRA Resolution) that calls on the Obama Administration and other international leaders to stay the course until LRA violence is finally ended.

The more members of Congress who support this resolution by signing on as cosponsors, the more influential it will be. And your members of Congress will only cosponsor if you demand it…. over and over and over if you have to.


It’ll take you less than five minutes, and we’ve made it incredibly easy for you. We only have a few weeks to rally support behind the LRA Resolution, so we’ve got to hustle.

Our liberty is bound together. If communities in central Africa can’t walk away from Joseph Kony’s violence, then neither can we.

Wanna know of the nitty-gritty about the LRA Resolution and get your FAQs answered? Check this out.