First, thank you all so much for taking action last week to make sure your members of Congress know you’re not giving up until LRA violence ends – and they shouldn’t either!

But our work isn’t done. Each week this month, we’ll be giving you a new mission – easy and fun ways for you to catch your representatives’ attention and urge them to cosponsor the LRA Resolution.

As promised, here’s your first mission: Mark My Words
Right now, Congress is on “recess”, which means most members are back in their home districts. That gives you the perfect opportunity to reach out to them personally and ask them to be a cosponsor. To keep it simple, this week we’re just going to focus on your one representative in the House.

Here’s what you should do:

1) Gather a small group of friends.

2) Get some good ol’ fashioned sidewalk chalk.

3) Go here to find your Representative and find their local office that is closest to you.

4) Stop by that office and leave your representative a colorful reminder that you won’t give up until Kony’s violence ends. And of course, ask them to cosponsor the LRA Resolution.

That’s right, we want you to literally mark your words on the sidewalk in front of their district office.

Chalk from your heart, but here’s a sample of what supporters in San Diego did outside of Rep. Scott Peters’ office:

Scott Peters Chalking 2

When you’re done, be sure to share your beautiful creation with your representative (and with us) by tweeting it!

#MarkMyWords I will not stop until #LRA violence ends. @______ plz cosponsor the #LRArez

If you have any problems finding your closest district office or figuring out your member of Congress’ twitter handle just shoot us an email ([email protected]) or call (619) 562-2799. We’re here to help and would love to hear from you!

And, if you want to be a total baller:

Chalk at your Senators’ offices too! Just make sure you tell them to cosponsor the Senate version of the LRA Resolution – S. Res. 237 and use this link in your tweet (

Oh, and one last thing: We don’t have money for your bail. So like Ananda’s dad always says, “Be smart. Make good decisions.” Please check your local laws to make sure you can chalk on public sidewalks.