Last week, we shared the incredible news that an LRA group in DR Congo released 12 women and children from captivity, with a message that they may release more. We asked you to help us raise the funds needed to quickly create and broadcast FM radio messages that could help encourage the release of more captives.

To no one’s surprise, you stepped up.

Thanks to your generosity, our staff and partners in DRC are already broadcasting FM radio messages directly targeting this LRA group, assuring them that the women and children they released are safe, and encouraging them to release more. We’re also working with our community partners in DRC to ensure that nearby communities are ready to safely and properly receive any LRA captives that are released in the coming days and weeks.

The 12 women and children that were released are receiving much needed care, as our team works to facilitate their return home to their families. And it goes without saying that we will continue to work hard to ensure that hundreds more like them, still in the bush, have the same chance to be free.

We’ll keep you updated as more LRA captives are brought home, thanks to the radio messages you’ve made possible.

You can also keep our work going strong by becoming a monthly donor today. Your support as a committed donor enables us to bring more LRA captives home to their families, support them in their journey of recovery, and keep them safe from future violence.

Thank you for making freedom and safety possible for families in central Africa. From supporting the release of those held hostage by the LRA, to ensuring their safe return home to their families, none of our work would be possible without you.