For 12 years, Invisible Children has been working together with communities in one of the most dangerous and forgotten regions of the planet. The things that we’ve seen would shock you, but they rarely make the headlines.

Before we close out 2017, we feel it’s our responsibility to be honest with you about what really happens in central Africa — what we witness every day.

In the hidden corners of central Africa, this is what you’ll find:

The most determined and resilient heroes the world has ever known.

Support central African heroes. Give to Invisible Children this holiday season.

Obo women

You will find community leaders fighting tirelessly to build a safer future for those who will come after them.


Leaders like Matar in Bria, Central African Republic (CAR), who is part of an Invisible Children-supported Peace Committee, which is helping stop armed group violence and establish peace in his community.

You’ll discover entire communities that are banding together and refusing to let fear or differences divide them.


Communities like the one in Obo, CAR, where local families, trained by our Invisible Children team, remain vigilant in their efforts to unite with one another to stop violent conflict in its tracks.

You will encounter determined women and men who will not be satisfied until their families can live in freedom from violence.


People like Fora in Dungu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who, with Invisible Children’s support, welcomes children returning from armed group captivity into her home for the care and trauma-healing support they need.

These heroes are dedicating their lives to ending the injustices facing their communities — but they can’t do it alone. They need your support to make their vision for a safe and thriving central Africa become reality.


This holiday season, team up with these remarkable heroes by giving to Invisible Children. When you do, you become the driving force behind programs that amplify the voices and work of heroes on the front lines of ending violent conflict in central Africa.

Your gift will allow us to connect local heroes to one another (can anyone say ‘Justice League’?) through our Early Warning Radio Network, amplify local superpowers through trainings on peacefully addressing conflict and trauma, and equip those most vulnerable to violent conflict with the tools to become the heroes they need to make their families safe.


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