The national tour brought Invisible Children films and representatives from northern Uganda to schools, community centers, and places of worship across the United States. Teams of “Roadies” brought the experiences of those affected by the LRA into classrooms and gymnasiums, and they empowered young people to take action to help bring an end to LRA violence.

Screenings and Roadies

By the numbers

16 national tours

13,861 screenings

5 million people reached

The “Roadie model” was the cornerstone on which we built our mobilization programs. It’s where we brought in the money to fund our first program in northern Uganda (the Legacy Scholarship Program), and it helped us launch our protection programs in DRC and CAR. Roadies were unpaid interns who gave up six to 12 months of their lives to travel around the country, speaking at high schools, colleges, and other community venues to raise awareness about the LRA conflict. Each team of Roadies included a representative from northern Uganda who shared first hand accounts life in the midst and the aftermath of LRA violence. After 16 national and international tours, we have built lasting relationships with hundreds of thousands of youth around the world who are the absolute fuel of the Invisible Children movement.

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