The Challenge

Because of decades of insecurity and neglect, many central African communities face the ongoing effects of violence, poverty, displacement, and trauma. With many in this region already struggling to survive, these challenges can sharpen divisions within communities which are then exploited by armed groups, fueling even more violence and insecurity.

Communities that maintain connections across divisions and are equipped with tools to address the challenges they face are more resilient to the effects of conflict and are better able to break cycles of violence and insecurity.

Our response

Alongside our local partners, we bring together key representatives from across the community — including religious leaders, women, youth, ethnic minorities, and members of other vulnerable groups. The community then elects members to the peace committee. We then lead members of the committee through participatory community mapping exercises to identify the community’s unique strengths, resources, and vulnerabilities. From there, we facilitate workshops, providing training on conflict management, income-generating activities, trauma-healing, and non-violent community protection.

Members of the committee then bring the tools and information gained in workshops to their broader community, ensuring that the whole community is prepared to be central agents in the safety and thriving of the whole.


167 Local Peace Committees supported by Invisible Children

2,025 Violence Prevention & Capacity Building Trainings since 2017

2447 members of Local Peace Committees






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