Active 2009-2014

WASH provides rural communities in northern Uganda with access to safe drinking water and improves the sanitation and hygiene of community members. This initiative included drilling safe water points, appointing a water user committee (WUC) to maintain the water point, and training members on basic health practices that still impact communities today. Access to safe water has greatly improved in Uganda over the last 10 years. However, about 9 million people in Uganda still lack access, according to recent estimates by the World Health Organization, making projects such as WASH essential for many communities.

How WASH worked

Drilling safe water points

Invisible Children worked alongside partner organizations to drill deep-water wells within rural communities in northern Uganda.

By the numbers

32 water wells drilled

248 Water User Committee members

10,000+ community members have benefited from WASH

Selecting members of Water User Committees (WUC)

Invisible Children worked to select and identify community members benefiting from well drilling to serve as the Water User Committee. Comprised of seven to nine community members, Water User Committees are accountable for the long-term responsibility of the water point, serving as a governing body that ensures proper usage and functioning of the well.

Village Health Team

Community members, including members of the WUC, received extensive training in basic sanitation and hygiene practices in order to improve living conditions and prevent unintentional contamination of their clean water. The team continues to promote health in neighboring communities by distributing sanitation promotional materials to households lacking this knowledge.

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