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Heroes get remembered but legends never die // a tribute to John Cleaver Kelly

John Cleaver Kelly

Today we honor the memory of former Roadie John Kelly, who passed away on March 28, 2011. Below is a documentary about his life and is told through the words of his family, friends, and his own personal journals. The film was directed and narrated by his close friend John Tessitore. “I loved John. John loved [...] Read More

Congress passes bill with $45 million to help arrest Joseph Kony // IC CITIZEN

Barack Obama Signs Budget Control Act

Our IC|Citizen team is excited to report that earlier this week, Congress passed, and President Obama signed into law, budget legislation (known as a “continuing resolution”) that includes a special allocation of $45 million to support efforts to locate and arrest top LRA leaders. More specifically, these funds would likely go towards new intelligence and surveillance equipment [...] Read More

Novelist Chinua Achebe dies at 82


Internationally acclaimed Nigerian author Chinua Achebe died this past Thursday in Boston. He was 82. At the age of 28 Achebe penned the African masterpiece Things Fall Apart. The novel told the story of European colonialism from the perspective of Nigerian protagonist Okonkwo, who rises to power only to be challenged by British colonial rule. Since its release [...] Read More

Uganda: Photo Friday


A tree in bloom in a schoolyard in northern Uganda.

Counter-LRA operations suspended in Central African Republic

Central African Republic- Reuters

After many months of unrest, the government of the Central African Republic has been overthrown by a rebel group known as Seleka. The country’s constitution has been thrown out and Seleka is in the midst of forming a new government. Unfortunately, not only have civilians near CAR’s capital been victims to violence and theft, but [...] Read More

VIDEO // Half Moon Run – “Call Me In The Afternoon”

Picture 10

We know we’re late on the Half Moon Run train, but they’re too good to ignore. The Canadian band just finished a stint in Austin at SXSW and will begin opening slots with Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters And Men in a few weeks. Their album Dark Eyes was released at the beginning of [...] Read More

Photographing the call of adventure

Mike Brodie captures his travels across the country

Adventure is around every corner and for those who seek it, a clash of beauty and complication awaits. Exhibit A: Mike Broadie. After getting his hands on a Polaroid camera as a teenager, Mike’s passion for exploration led him on an adventure that changed his life. Fascinated by train-hopping communities, in 2002, 17-year-old Mike hopped on [...] Read More

Legacy Scholarship Program provides a better ending

Monitor article

Earlier this month, a story ran in a Ugandan national newspaper about a promising student unable to continue his studies because his family couldn’t afford to pay for his tuition. He ranked at number one in his district, but knowing he could not pay for the much more expensive secondary education, he determined to repeat [...] Read More

LRA Crisis Tracker: LRA releases 28 women and children

According to the LRA Crisis Tracker, this is the single largest return of long-term LRA members in over three years. The LRA Crisis Tracker reports that, on March 21, 2013, four LRA soldiers escorted 28 captives to Digba, DR Congo, in order to release them. The group consisted of 28 women and children. After reaching Digba, the [...] Read More

The art of recycling


Pakistani sculptor Khalil Chishtee uses a unique medium for his work. Rather than clay, marble, or wood, Chishtee creates his life-like images using the remains of used trash bags, grocery bags, and even sheets. The result of this rare, but thought-provoking art form is a collection of stunningly realistic, three-dimensional images. Each unique sculpture shows a beautifully crafted and [...] Read More