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3 ways MINUSCA can tackle the LRA threat in CAR // The Resolve

The following article is reblogged from Paul Ronan and our partners at The Resolve. Since its founding in 2007, The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative has worked to end violent atrocities perpetrated  by the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA, and support the sustainable recovery of communities in Africa affected by LRA abuses. — Yesterday the UN Security Council passed a [...] Read More

Samantha Power increases UN support in Central African Republic

Invisible Children is one in a coalition of NGOs that have been urging for stronger United States’ engagement in addressing the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR). This week, we need your help in encouraging our policymakers to take action. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power is traveling to Rwanda to commemorate the [...] Read More

Joseph Kony Is Back In The News. Do Teenagers Still Care? A Response to NPR


Last week NPR released a story called “Kony’s Back in the News. Do Teenagers Still Care?”. NPR is a very a highly revered news outlet in the Invisible Children office. Odds are, if you walk past any of us with our headphones on, we’re listening to our favorite NPR podcast (S/O: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell [...] Read More

A letter from President Obama

Before the LRA Disarmament bill was passed in 2010, no U.S. President had publicly said the words Joseph Kony or the LRA. Look how far we’ve come. Yesterday, March 25th 2014, President Barack Obama released a letter to Congress about the deployment of additional forces to central Africa, in compliance with the War Powers Act. a [...] Read More

Increased U.S. support to catch Kony: it’s a big deal

Yesterday our CEO Ben Keesey brought us exciting news. The US will be deploying at least four V-22 Ospreys along with additional Air-Force Operations personnel to assist with the African Union (AU) operation to arrest Joseph Kony and end the violence of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in central Africa. Here are some of the [...] Read More

Thank you cards are boring: KONY 2012 two-year anniversary

Thank you cards. Often boring to write, occasionally boring to receive, but usually a necessary part of human interaction. Two years ago today we started a campaign called KONY 2012. It was an experiment to see if the world was ready to unite and speak out against the horrific and unseen crimes of Joseph Kony [...] Read More

Results of #zeroLRA Fundraising Campaign

peace if possible

Many thanks Fundraisers and donors from around the world participated in #zeroLRA and raised an incredible $1,025,000 to fund lifesaving programs for victims of Joseph Kony’s atrocities. Whether you donated $20 or raised $20,000, we are forever grateful, because fundraising isn’t easy (we know). Where we ended up: We started the campaign with an initial [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Reflections from a Roadie

Just last night, Chris Szabo, an incredible Team Heartland Roadie hit the road once again. He’s joined other members of our staff for the Your Home for the Holidays Live Tour where they’ll travel to the homes of our supporters across the country. I could say a million words describing the remarkable influence Chris has left on [...] Read More

Supporter Spotlight // Interns rally for #zeroLRA

Intern Thanksgiving

Our intern class (myself included) have spent the last 4 months creating a home away from home together here in beautiful San Diego, abode of the Invisible Children Headquarters. We managed to make a feast and have amazing conversation this past week over a unifying turkey, and a festive and undoubtedly perfect playlist. Topics of [...] Read More

Stories from the Road // #weekforaweekchallenge


For the last few months, our Roadie teams have been driving all over the United States, sharing information about Invisible Children and gathering support for #zeroLRA. The meaningful conversation and connections fostered by our tours are key to fueling involvement in our efforts and support for our programs. But, since their words alone cannot bring [...] Read More