LRA Crisis Tracker

Interview // Saskia Rotshuizen visits the LRA conflict region

Saskia is a French-Dutch American powerhouse in our San Diego office. To know her is to admire her: she’s our Central Africa Programs Coordinator, she’s brilliant at what she does, and she just got back from her first trip to Uganda and the conflict region. She’s also allergic to any kind of metaphorical sugar coating, [...] Read More

On the Radar: Four Ugandans escape the LRA in CAR // Male defector corroborates unconfirmed Odhiambo reports—Feb. 9th

The Incident: On February 9th two men were hunting just north of the town of Mboki in southeastern CAR when they were approached by a group of four LRA including one man, two women, and a six-year-old child. The LRA handed the hunters a letter, written in Luo (the language spoken by Acholi in northern Uganda), and [...] Read More

IC + The Resolve launch LRA Crisis Tracker 2013 Security Brief

Today, Invisible Children and The Resolve released the 2013 LRA Crisis Tracker Security Brief. This annual report provides analysis on all data collected as part of the LRA Crisis Tracker, providing actionable intelligence for counter-LRA actors and valuable information for the public. The report identifies five key findings from the 2013 data: 1.The LRA lost [...] Read More

On the Radar: First LRA attack in Obo, CAR in over a year.

There was significant LRA activity in and around Obo, CAR between January 26th-30th. This is the first LRA activity in Obo in at least fourteen months. Invisible Children’s CAR headquarters is in Obo, and therefore IC staff was able to quickly follow up with the victims and returned abductees shortly after the events that took [...] Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Largest LRA defection since 2008

BREAKING: LARGEST LRA DEFECTION SINCE 2008 On the 6th of December, nineteen LRA defected en masse near the community of Zemio in the Central African Republic. This is the single largest LRA defection since the group moved into central Africa in 2008, and an enormous victory for African Union led counter-LRA efforts. The group was [...] Read More

UPDF kills top Kony commander in ambush


The following article is taken from the Daily Monitor. Our staff on the ground has verified the information stated in this article: UPDF soldiers hunting Joseph Kony in Central African Republic (CAR) have scored a huge battlefield victory after killing a top LRA commander with 13 fighters in an ambush on Thursday. The UPDF is part [...] Read More

South Sudan attacks: Update from Ezo


Just a couple weeks ago we received reports of the first LRA attack in South Sudan in over two years. It is troubling to see such disturbances in a region that had been relatively safe from LRA violence for so long. Shortly after the receiving these reports, we traveled to Ezo, the community that was [...] Read More

On the Radar: November 13 – suspected LRA in DRC kidnap six people

LOCATION: GADI, DRC DATE/TIME: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13th AT 3 AM  INCIDENT DETAILS: An unknown number of suspected LRA abducted six people and looted twelve households. The six abductees include five men and a boy, all of whom are Congolese. Unspecified food and non-food items were looted.  The assailants spoke several languages. /// The Early Warning Radio [...] Read More

Two people escape from Joseph Kony’s LRA

The following information was obtained through Invisible Children and on-the-ground partners. We are working to gather more information on these events and are sending members of our team to get the full story: + November 11th at Duru, DRC: A 15-year-old boy, who was abducted by the LRA five months ago from Aba, DRC, escaped. He [...] Read More

On the Radar: November 5 – two women, one man, and one child kidnapped by suspected LRA fighters

Coverage of IC's Early Warning Radio Network

The Early Warning Radio Network gives communities in DR Congo and the Central African Republic the ability to report LRA activity to one another. Twice-daily security calls of LRA movement are made through high-frequency, two-way, long-range radios. Reports are transcribed, sent to our experts on the ground, the information is cross-checked, and the data is sent to a variety of [...] Read More