For those who are new to Invisible Children, we want to let you in on a little secret- we love music. We know that music has an indescribable power to bring people together, heal wounds, empower a movement and so much more. Our little trio here in Artist Relations think you shouldn’t have to listen to the same five songs on the radio all day, every day.  So we share our new favorite bands, unforgettable tracks and who you absolutely have to see play live.

For those who already know and love the Invisible Children music blog- Hi. We missed you. How’ve you been? Promise it’ll be back soon.

Kenny, Director of Artist Relations, just came back from SXSW where we partnered up with Neon Gold Records and Communion for a 6 hour, 12 band showcase. One of our many current obsessions from the showcase? Opening band Ambassadors.

Check them out. You will love.