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Stencil and Chalk

When we step away from our computers and into the streets, the world will know that we’re serious about stopping LRA violence. You’ve asked your leaders to engage, you’ve worked alongside your neighbors, and now it’s time to raise awareness for a new era of international justice that starts with the arrest of Joseph Kony.

You have between now and April 20th to plan something epic.  Vandalism is lazy and hurts the cause, so your challenge is to keep it legal and go as big as you can. We’re about building things up, not tearing them down. So here’s what we’re going to do:

  • Posters and yard signs – start with the posters from your kit (or download them for free).  While you’re doing your service project get permission from local businesses, organizations, and neighbors to put them in their windows and on their lawns.
  • Magazine Inserts – download them for free, print them out, and slip them into magazines and newspapers.
  • Murals – ask a local business to donate a wall for your team to paint, using our stencils.  You can even offer to paint over it in a few weeks.
  • Reverse Graffiti –  Clean a message into a dirty wall.  Brilliant.

Astonish Us. You have until April 20 to line up something huge. Get creative, and use your connections to see what you can safely and legally pull off. Here are some ideas to get you started, but we know you’ll think of things that never occurred to us. Remember: Safe. Legal.

  • Billboards – we’ve seen a few, and we want to see more
  • Building Drops – you’ll need a banner and a building that gives you the greenlight
  • Sports Fields – triangles mowed into the fields of your local and professional teams
  • Skywriting, Blimps, and Plane Banners – somebody has to know someone that can make this happen
  • Laser Graffiti – Google it
  • Crop Circles – make sure they’re your crops

  • Get photographs of your team getting the message out there and document it online with #KONY2012t #streets #[yourcity]

    We’ll show some digital love to “best in show” for most creative, most impressive, most collaborative, etc.  Only legal projects will be considered, so get permission. For real.

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