Angie Vanegas shows off her liberty triangle tattoo

Angie Vanegas shows off her liberty triangle tattoo

Bold and brave and controversial…tattoos make statements. For many people, tattoos are a form of self expression. To best articulate our inner self, we mark our outer body. We’ve come across lots of Invisible Children-inspired tats, and we’re equally honored and curious about the specific stories and reasoning behind them. Here’s some quotes and photos from a few of our faves:

“I got my tattoo because ever since the first Fourth Estate, I knew I needed something to represent how much Invisible Children and social justice in general means to me. It represents all the hard work I’ve done and will continue to do fighting for the injustices of the world. Fourth Estate has such a deep meaning to me that is difficult to convey to people that haven’t experienced it personally, but the idea behind the liberty triangle in general is usually what I share when people ask me what it means, and that is pretty universal.”   -Angie Vanegas, 19, Austin TX

“I have been greatly inspired by the work of organizations such as IC, International Justice Mission, and many others. The opportunities I’ve had to take part in their movements have been the greatest source of joy for me and I know that this is what I need to do for the rest of my life. The words “seek justice” come from Isaiah 1:17 and they act as a daily reminder for me to live out my passion. They remind me that the world is so much bigger than myself but also that I play a special part in it. We all do.”   -Caitlin Marr, 22, Perkasie PA

“I got the tattoo right after KONY 2012 came out because the quote Stop at Nothing doesn’t only pertain to Kony’s atrocities, but it pertains to the philosophy I thrive toward in life. When Jason visited Virginia Tech he said, “Who are you to stop a war? I’m telling you…who are you not to?” I decided to live my life with this philosophy and push past negativity and criticism and not let anybody get in my way of my dreams and aspirations.”   -Erin Rochelle Lidgard, 22, Grand Rapids MI

From left to right: Caitlin Marr, Erin Rochelle Lidgard, Michael Arredondo

From left to right: Caitlin Marr, Erin Rochelle Lidgard, Michael Arredondo

“I got my tattoo because it is a reminder to always stand up for those who are longing for change- to be a voice for those whose cries aren’t heard in the masses. To remind myself that my life has purpose and that I will use it to further the less fortunate and show compassion in the hearts of those searching  for something more.”   -Michael Arredondo, 21, Austin TX

“‘Atye Larema’ which is Luo (the language of the Acholi) that means ‘I’m here, my friend.’ In the Sunday film, Sunday says these words to Bobby. I always found Sunday incredibly inspirational. I thought, not only do the words represent me as a person, but also IC, the organization that helped me realize activism is not my hobby, but my passion. Now, I’m going to be getting degrees in Non-Profit Management and International Development and shaping my life around it.”   -Lauren O’Brien, 19, Pittsburgh PA

“My tattoo was inspired first by some scripture. The quote is one of my favorites by Invisible Children. I truly believe in global citizenship, and taking responsibility for combating injustice everywhere. I really wanted to get it as a tattoo, both as a conversation starter, and as a reminder to myself to focus on issues bigger than mine and to keep me reminded of my responsibility and purpose.”   -Hannah Crowder, 20, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Canada

From left to right: Amanda White, Lauren O'Brien, and Kevo Rivera. Bottom: Hannah Crowder

From left to right: Amanda White, Lauren O’Brien, and Kevo Rivera. Bottom: Hannah Crowder

We love your self-expression and it actually contributes to the momentum we need as we gear up for our Fourth Estate Leadership Summit in a few short weeks. For those of you who are not able to attend- no worries.  We made sure you will be able to view a live webcast of the event directly from our website. Click HERE for more details.