[Invisible Children Music: We firmly believe that music has a necessary role in giving social movements tremendous amounts of momentum. It is a universal language, and at Invisible Children, it’s important for us to be a part of that language.]

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Mellowfied is the theme of this Monday Mini Mixtape.  Grab it HERE and remember to support these artists by going to shows, buying their tunes and encouraging your little sister to do the same (we all know she adores you).

  1. PHEBE STARR “Alone With You” – It’s safe to say I’m obsessed. The big sounds of Florence with some sort of popish-Lykke-Li-meets-Foxes-esque vox. Get ready to fall in love.
  2. PERFUME GENIUS “Dark Parts” – In those moments where most music fails and I just want to be with my thoughts I’ve been turning to PG. With lyrics like “I will take the dark part of your heart into my heart” how can you not love this stuff. #soemo
  3. SPIRIT FAMILY REUNION “I Am Following The Sound” – This is the first song I ever heard by these dusty Brookyners and I haven’t stopped listening since.
  • THE DAMNWELLS “I Will Keep The Bad Things From You” – An oldy but a goody. Alex Dezen writes some romantic lyrics that’ll melt any girl’s heart.
  • TV  GIRL “Baby You Were There” – San Diego beach rock. Had to plug these so cal locals.
  • SMOKE & JACKAL “No Tell” – A pleasant surprise from the bass player of Kings of Leon.
  • TINY TELEPHONES “Final Breath” – If M83 and Explosions In The Sky had a beautiful San Diego baby it would be Tiny Telephones. These guys are fantastic. Grab the full album and get ready to zone out.
  • LOVE YA,