Nathan Garcia is pretty awesome. He’s worked with Invisible Children for almost a year and now he’s traveling around the country on Warped Tour spreading the word about Invisible Children with his equally awesome teammate, Catherine. Oh, and we hear he’s pretty decent at handstands, too.

He gave us a look at a day in his life, and we have to say, it looks impressive. But we will let you decide for yourself.


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7:30 AM

Wake up call. Whether you’re on Warped Tour or back home, mornings can be a struggle.

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8:00 AM

Waiting for our tent assignment. Once we get it, we’ll unload all this stuff from the trailer and head over to the trucks where everything else is stored.

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8:30 AM

We get our spot and set up our home for the day.

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10:00 AM

Catherine and I usually switch off on coffee runs, but we try to hit up Warped Coffee whenever we can. It’s run by Nate from Anberlin, and it’s liquid gold. This is the calm before the storm. We have 20-30 minutes before the fans start pouring in, so taking a few moments to enjoy a cup of coffee and the morning is key.

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10:30 AM

Our baller volunteers show up for the day. So far we’ve had nothing but incredible supporters and alumni join us. Their energy and knowledge of Invisible Children’s programs are incredible.

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11:00 AM

Doors open. For the rest of the day, we will be sharing Invisible Children’s story with everyone we meet.

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2:00 PM

Catherine and I switch off for a bit and catch Bayside’s set or some of the other great bands we’ve met on the tour (like Air Dubai,  Front Porch Step, or Enter Shikari).

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3:30 PM

There are few things as beautiful as a free milkshake, and somedays we get a little love from the F’real milkshake truck.

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6:30 PM

At the end of the day we pack up everything, navigate our gear through the crowds, and put it all back on the trailer. We go through inventory, finish up with accounting, and take a couple deep breaths before heading to evening activities.

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9:00 PM

When the day is done we have a few hours to relax and hang out. Contrary to popular belief, I am terrible at handstands, but I’m getting better. At night Catherine and I either head to a Warped Tour BBQ or meet up with friends if they’re in town. We met up with our friend and fellow intern, Caitlin (far left), when we passed through Philadelphia last time.

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12:00 AM

Our bus normally starts heading to the next city around midnight. Before bed we’ll chat, watch bad Nicholas Cage movies, and drive through the night to the next city.

Everyone at Warped Tour looks out for one another; despite being on the road, I often find myself feeling at home.