Our latest project brings two of our favorite things together: new music and social justice.

We’re partnering with Rallysong, a crowd-funding, fan engagement platform that brings artists and fans together to rally for important causes. Seven incredible artists have joined us, and they all recorded some exclusive, unreleased tracks a few months ago at SXSW 2014. By donating via Rallysong, you help these tracks to be released for the first time, ever.

Invisible Children X Rallysong image

What’s this about?

Saving lives through radio. Donations from this project go straight to the support and expansion of our Early Warning Network in central Africa.

The LRA has been attacking communities for almost 30 years, and they operate in some of the most remote, off-the-grid areas in the world. Most of these vulnerable communities don’t have a reliable communication system in place to report these attacks and receive help.

The Early Warning Network empowers community members to report LRA attacks, warn other communities, and receive notices when LRA groups might be approaching their community. These reports are also uploaded to the LRA Crisis Tracker, which makes LRA activity accessible to humanitarian organizations and other partners involved in the conflict.

Radio Tower

How it works:

Donate $1 or more on Rallysong.com/invisiblechilren. Spread the word and get your friends onboard using #MusicianCoalition. When an artists’ goal is reached, their brand new music will be released. Every fan who pledges a minimum of $1 will receive instructions on downloading the entire compilation at the END of the campaign. All the while, donations support our life-saving programs in central Africa.

Kris Orlowski Band Image 2 IC Campaign

Who’s releasing new music?

Glad you asked. We’ve had the privilege of working with these seven incredible artists:

Kris Orlowski :: a longtime friend of ours, we’ll never get enough of the rustic yet lively folk-rock sound. Kris’ singing will take you somewhere.

Alex Vargas :: A voice that has the ability to be soft and all-encompassing at the same time. You can hear the sincerity, feel the tenderness.

Vikesh Kapoor :: Intricately poetic and affecting, you can just tell Kapoor’s on the cusp of something major.

Patrice Pike :: Patrice Pike (from Sister 7) sings with the perfect mix of sultry-rock. She can really jam. We dig it.

The Kid:: The Kid is good. Storytelling lyrics over simple and beautiful chord progressions, listen to a little of The Kid (Tim Ryans) if you’re in the mood for a jingle jangle morning.

Andrew Belle :: A singer-songwriter with an atmospheric presence. Drift off into the clouds on his entrancing sound. Perhaps you remember him from his performance at 2013′s Fourth Estate Summit?

Itch :: This is music to wake you up and get you pumped. Interspersing rap verses with rock sounds, Itch tackles alternative hip-hop head on.

Want to join? Head over to Rallysong to donate and unlock unreleased tracks.