In central Africa, isolated communities have very limited access to information that could help them address the underlying issues contributing to violent conflict and disrupt the spread of misinformation which also leads to violence.  

Invisible Children works with local partners and international experts to create and distribute messages that engage Central African populations on a range of topics that impact the safety and resilience of their communities. Messages provide information and education on such topics as peaceful conflict mediation, environmental conservation,  gender-based violence, and more with the goal of changing perspectives and behaviors that contribute to violent conflict. 

We distribute messages using the same technology that local populations already use, including FM radio and secure digital (SD) cards as well as an innovative Mobile Cinema program.





FM Radio Messaging

By the numbers

3,984 sensitization programs broadcast via FM radio

7 local FM radio stations broadcasting sensitization messages

85% of surveyed mobile cinema viewers report changed behavior

We work with local radio stations that have broad listener bases to develop programs that educate communities on topics such as the link between conservation and human security, recognizing and preventing gender-based violence, and techniques for peacefully mediating conflict. Programs take the form of public service announcements, radio soap operas, and other informational programs.

Pre-Recorded Secure Digital (SD) Cards

While FM radio broadcasts have a wide reach, there are still many communities that do not have access to even this source of information. However, people in this region share music using micro SD cards that can be played using cell phones and radios even beyond areas with mobile and radio reception. We record audio and film sensitization messaging to SD cards which local Peace Committees distribute to communities that lack access to FM radio broadcasts and other methods of communication. 

Mobile Cinema

We collaborate with local and international experts and filmmakers to create short, narrative films with and for Central African communities. Screenings of these films, which feature professional actors from local communities, are paired with guided dialogue sessions that provide a powerful opportunity for communities to discuss the issues they face in new and imaginative ways and develop their own solutions.

Learn more about our mobile cinema program.


Invisible Children partners with local radio stations, screens mobile cinema films, and distributes SD cards  in eastern Central African Republic (CAR) and northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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