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The campaign An experiment

The KONY 2012 campaign started as an experiment. Could an online video make an obscure war criminal famous? And if he was famous, would the world work together to stop him?

The experiment yielded the fastest growing viral video of all time. The KONY 2012 film reached 100 million views in 6 days, and 3.7 million people pledged their support for efforts to arrest Joseph Kony.

It proved our theory that if people only knew what Kony had been getting away with, they would be as outraged as we were. But knowing is only half the battle - Joseph Kony is still out there.

The film Watch KONY 2012

Watch 29 min video
The goal Make Him Famous
Our goal: see Joseph Kony captured

Kony Captured

Bring awareness to Kony’s human rights abuses and bring him to justice.

Our goal: protect communities in central Africa from Kony

Communities Protected

Significantly expand programs that counteract LRA violence and protect communities in central Africa.

Increasing international support to stopping Joseph Kony

International Support

Have leaders from across the globe renew their commitments to stopping Joseph Kony and his LRA.

Our goal: attract global attention to Kony

Global Attention

Make Joseph Kony a household name, and get as many people as possible to pledge their support for efforts to stop LRA violence.

The results Unprecedented Awareness

As a result of KONY 2012, millions of people learned about Joseph Kony and the LRA. International leaders and young people alike committed to doing anything they could to end the war.

We hosted a Global Summit on the LRA which brought international leaders and experts together to renew their support to end the LRA conflict. Thousands rallied in Washington, DC as a sign of solidarity on the issue. The U.S. advisors extended their deployment to assist the African Union in the counter-LRA mission. Funding for our programs allowed us to expand in ways we never thought possible.

Donations Where did the money go?

During our KONY 2012 campaign, we experienced a dramatic spike in funding that allowed us to significantly expand our protection and recovery programs in East and central Africa. We were committed to honoring the donors who gave in response to the campaign, and poured the funding straight into our programs: the Early Warning Network now protects 76 vulnerable communities, 1.4 million defection fliers have been distributed.

The legacy of these donations stands alone as an epic victory toward impacting the lives of those affected by the LRA conflict.

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Expanding our work Leaps and bounds With increased funding, we dramatically extended the reach of innovative programs that aid in our entire comprehensive approach to ending the LRA conflict.

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LRA Crisis Tracker

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Early Warning Radio Network

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‘Come Home’ Defection Messaging

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