It all started because of our belief in a universal idea: that our liberty is bound together. We founded Invisible Children in 2004 to prove that idea through the specific mission of ending Africa’s longest running conflict, led by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Since then, we have mobilized unprecedented international action to stop the LRA, helped reduce LRA killings by 93%, and helped thousands of central African families become safer from violence through innovative protection programs. In the process, our team has developed unparalleled experience, respected expertise, and a strong network of relationships with local changemakers across central Africa.

Today, guided by the same conviction that got us started, we are embracing the opportunity and responsibility to take on more. We have expanded our mission and programs, and are forging exciting new partnerships. We are at the front lines of addressing the connection between human insecurity and the wildlife exploitation, which has reached critical levels in central Africa and will drastically impact the region for generations to come. Hand-in-hand with respected community leaders, we are working to ensure our world’s most vulnerable communities, and their environments, can live free from violence and have the chance to thrive.

OUR APPROACH WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT We work to ensure that the most vulnerable among us can live free from violence and exploitation. Here’s how we do it:
Bills Invisible Children has signed into law


We enhance local strategies and communications tools that can help prevent violence and allow communities to share lifesaving information with each other and the world.

Bills Invisible Children has signed into law


The best solutions to violence come from those most affected by it. We partner with trusted local visionaries and help turn their ideas into reality.

Partners Invisible Children has worked with


We know how to work in complex and insecure environments. As needs and opportunities change, we quickly adapt to be as effective as possible.


In 2004, the United Nations called the LRA crisis in northern Uganda the “most forgotten, neglected humanitarian emergency in the world.” We founded Invisible Children to change that, and combat the false notion that our responsibility to each other stops at our own nation’s borders or with people who look like us.

We believed that if people worldwide knew the reality of LRA violence and could see the names and faces behind the statistics, they would be moved to take action. We were right. By harnessing the power of storytelling, youth idealism, and human empathy, we mobilized millions to demand justice for LRA-affected communities and inspired world leaders to take historic action to end the crisis. Thanks to the incredible generosity of many, we were also able to partner with central African community leaders and develop innovative programs that empower communities to prevent violence, heal from trauma and demand justice from their leaders. We continue to manage these programs today, and their success is the reason why are expanding our work to address even more threats facing these communities and others like them.

Our commitment to our founding mission remains as strong as ever. Joseph Kony remains at large, and after nearly 30 years of brutal crimes, his impunity is one of the most tragic examples of our world’s failure to treat every human life as equally valuable and worthy of protection. While we celebrate the dramatic reduction in LRA violence over the last several years, we know all too well that as long as Kony roams free, he is able to rebuild his forces through child abductions and terrorize communities. That is exactly why we are expanding our mission, not changing directions. Every day we are reminded of the children still held captive by Kony’s forces, and the families desperately hoping for their return. Our liberty is bound together with theirs. We’re not going anywhere -- we’re actually doing more.

Protecting communities WE ARE SAVING LIVES AND MAKING COMMUNITIES SAFER Our programs focus on four key pillars to safety (connection, violence prevention, resilience, and effective policies) that can help save lives and ensure vulnerable communities can live free from violence.

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LRA Crisis Tracker

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Early Warning Radio Network

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‘Come Home’ Defection Messaging

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Community Defection Committees

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Grassroots Advocacy

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Our team It’s more than a job From Capitol Hill to Central African Republic, our global team is united by our determination to ensure that vulnerable communities have the safety they need and deserve to thrive. Meet the people behind the programs who are translating your generous support into life-saving action:

What we've achieved

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Bills Invisible Children has signed into law

2 Bills Signed into law

Our activists played a central role in securing the passage of The LRA Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act (2010), which was the most widely supported Africa-focused legislation on record in U.S. history, as well as the Rewards for Justice Expansion bill (2013).

Partners Invisible Children has worked with

Partners Best in the business

We work closely with civil society partners in LRA-affected areas, as well as advocacy groups like The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative and The Enough Project in Washington, DC. We continue to achieve much more together than we could alone.

Invisible Children has facilitated 926 lobby meetings

$30 MILLION+ U.S. foreign assistance

We’ve mobilized thousands of young activists to call, write, and meet in person with their representatives and urge them to support the protection and recovery of communities in central Africa targeted by the LRA and other violent threats. In just the past four years, our advocacy has helped secure more than $30 million in the U.S. foreign assistance budget to support life-saving programs across central Africa.

Signed pledge cards to protect communities in central and East Africa

3.7 million signed pledge cards

We’ve written letters, held meetings on Capitol Hill, marched, slept in the streets, as well as signing pledges - all to convince our government leaders to use their power to support peace and justice for vulnerable communities in central and East Africa.


Kony 2012

We created the KONY 2012 campaign after eight years of demanding justice for LRA-affected communities and watching Joseph Kony get away with his brutal crimes. In many ways, KONY 2012 was an experiment. Could an online video make an obscure war criminal famous? And if he was famous, would the world work together to stop him? With 100 million views in 6 days, and 3.7 million citizen pledges calling for the arrest of Joseph Kony, the experiment yielded the fastest growing viral video of all time and unprecedented international action to end Africa’s longest running conflict.

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