Nobody does it like us We have a single objective: to permanently end the LRA conflict. We’re achieving this by tackling the problem from all sides through a comprehensive approach of addressing immediate needs and long term effects.

Media We create films that document and tell the world about the crimes of Joseph Kony and his LRA. We introduce new audiences to the conflict, create mass awareness, and inspire global action.

Mobilization If it’s a movement, people have to be moving. We get out on the road to spread the story of the conflict and encourage people to help advance international efforts to end LRA atrocities.

Protection We work with regional partners and local leaders to build and expand systems that warn remote communities of LRA attacks. We have programs in place that give abductees the information and encouragement they need to peacefully surrender.

Recovery We work to rebuild the lives and communities that Kony has tried to destroy. We rehabilitate children affected by the LRA, and invest in education and economic recovery programs that promote lasting peace in the post-conflict region.

Rehabilitation Projects imageRehabilitation Projects image

Rehabilitation Projects

WASH imageWASH image


Legacy Scholarship Program imageLegacy Scholarship Program image

Legacy Scholarship Program

Schools for Schools imageSchools for Schools image

Schools for Schools

Mend imageMend image


VSLA imageVSLA image


Teacher Exchange imageTeacher Exchange image

Teacher Exchange

Adult Literacy imageAdult Literacy image

Adult Literacy

Community Defection Committees imageCommunity Defection Committees image

Community Defection Committees

International Events imageInternational Events image

International Events

Fourth Estate Summit imageFourth Estate Summit image

Fourth Estate Summit

Grassroots Advocacy imageGrassroots Advocacy image

Grassroots Advocacy

National Tour imageNational Tour image

National Tour

Artist Relations imageArtist Relations image

Artist Relations

LRA Crisis Tracker imageLRA Crisis Tracker image

LRA Crisis Tracker

Film imageFilm image


‘Come Home’ Defection Messaging image‘Come Home’ Defection Messaging image

‘Come Home’ Defection Messaging

Early Warning Radio Network imageEarly Warning Radio Network image

Early Warning Radio Network

Come Home Broadcasts imageCome Home Broadcasts image

Come Home Broadcasts

Our programs work The different facets of what we do have worked together to dramatically reduce LRA violence. The numbers show that the approach we’re taking to end the conflict is extremely effective.

LRA combatants have
decreased A three-fold effort between our programs, community partners and targeted international military operations has increased security while making the possibility of an LRA-free world more real than ever before.

Former soldiers are
coming home We have developed initiatives to target those in captivity and encourage their escape. In dramatically dismantling the LRA's core fighting force, we reunite broken families while bringing stability and peace to affected communities.


in 2013 alone

People are gaining
peace of mind Countless families and communities are finally empowered to take control of their futures after decades of living in fear.

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